Lessons from the Uganda Off-Grid Energy Market Accelerator (UOMA)

Dedicated productive use of energy (PUE) solutions are a promising segment in the off-grid solar sector, with the potential to boost income levels and improve energy access. PUE is any agricultural, commercial or industrial activity involving energy services as a direct input to the production of goods, or provision of services, to increase income or productivity. These solutions present a way for rural off-grid households in Uganda to boost their low-income levels and low energy consumption rates, increasing energy demand and ability to afford connections or off-grid solar home systems (SHS).

The objective of this paper is to share learnings from UOMA’s work in PUE for standalone solar. We hope this will be useful for development partners who are looking to further catalyze the sector, for investors who are looking for opportunities in Uganda, and for existing companies as well as new entrants to the Uganda productive use landscape.

UOMA PUE white paper


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