The COVID-19 impact on access to finance for off-grid solar businesses in Uganda

Although global investment flows in the off-grid energy sector have demonstrated resilience amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a closer look at the solar home system market in Uganda reveals that the crisis has exacerbated demand and supply-side barriers to accessing capital. The annual funding addressed to Uganda’s off-grid solar companies will need to at least double to achieve electrification targets by 2030. To accelerate access to finance, OGS companies and industry stakeholders will all play a critical role in addressing the demand- and supply-side barriers. In this report, we analyze the Covid-19 impact on the funding shortfall in the off-grid energy sector, deep-dive into the demand and supply-side barriers to funding, assess the current interventions in response to the impacts of the crisis, and propose recommendations for stakeholders to improve the flow of funds into the industry.

UOMA A2F Covid Impact on OGS

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